Mar 5, 2020

Anywhere you go,there's something you don't know ,maybe a new word for a thing you've seen before. You gotta talk to people, there's a lot of people in need.Try and count to ten and it'll happen again. I am the road, I'll take you anywhere. If you have time I'll show you that I care. It's not a crime to have a laugh and a little wine, too much sometimes you gotta walk the line. Through a foot of snow and a midnight car tow, a ticket in the freezing rain :  it's a new low again. I am the road, I'll take you anywhere, if you have time, I'll show you that I care. All the other guys could never realize the miles you're gonna see when you look back at me, what makes a man,  what it means to hold your hand.
In the middle of a desert rain
Everything's gonna bloom again
I am the road, I'll take you anywhere.If you have time, I'll show you that I care.I am the road,I'll take you anywhere. If you have time,I'll show you that I care.

Again, anywhere, there's a foot showing the line.

( Lyrics: " I'm the road ", The cactus Blossoms )

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