Mar 5, 2020

Anywhere you go,there's something you don't know ,maybe a new word for a thing you've seen before. You gotta talk to people, there's a lot of people in need.Try and count to ten and it'll happen again. I am the road, I'll take you anywhere. If you have time I'll show you that I care. It's not a crime to have a laugh and a little wine, too much sometimes you gotta walk the line. Through a foot of snow and a midnight car tow, a ticket in the freezing rain :  it's a new low again. I am the road, I'll take you anywhere, if you have time, I'll show you that I care. All the other guys could never realize the miles you're gonna see when you look back at me, what makes a man,  what it means to hold your hand.
In the middle of a desert rain
Everything's gonna bloom again
I am the road, I'll take you anywhere.If you have time, I'll show you that I care.I am the road,I'll take you anywhere. If you have time,I'll show you that I care.

Again, anywhere, there's a foot showing the line.

( Lyrics: " I'm the road ", The cactus Blossoms )

May 5, 2017

Lyrics : " Nowhere to go " ( Ron Sexsmith, 2013 ) .

Dec 19, 2016

 109 th.

"You are so beautiful" ( Billy Preston /Bruce Fisher , covered by Charles Lloyd & the Marvels, featuring Norah Jones, 2016)

Nov 7, 2016

I met her in the mountains though I lived down by the sea,but now it seems these mountains are just way too high for me.Goodbye Lorraine,goodbye Lorraine, let me explain.She said we’ll be witches then there must be nakedness.I said you have no heart until that aching fills your chest. Goodbye Lorraine,goodbye Lorraine, let me explain. Just why I’m leaving, I don’t know what for but I can’t explain it anymore. We help hands in the temple but we had no wedding day. Now she sends me perfumed letters and I throw them all away. Goodbye Lorraine, goodbye Lorraine, let me explain. A friend showed me a picture from the 1970's, now I'm wondering where you are tonight and I'm singing woe is me. Goodbye Lorraine, goodbye Lorraine, let me explain just why I'm leaving. I don't know what for but I can't explain it anymore. Na,na, na, na ,na na,na,narana nara.

Lyrics : Goodbye Lorraine ( Frank Black and the Catholics ).

Wondering why.

Sep 14, 2016

You may be blue but you dark my day throw shadows my way. Break my mind while you say that you've been treating me kind .Who are you foolin'? My time with you beat a thorn-filled path.Blood filled where we passed through, blood red with wrath.You all knew that we'd be fine.
Find by nothing at all I know my way and it won't be long.You're gonna wake one day to find me gone and there won't be nothing but goodbye. Nothing nothing but goodbye.

( Lyrics : Vetiver, " You may be blue" )

Break time mind. Gonna filled with you.

Mar 5, 2016

It's getting late, for scribbling and scratching on the paper.Something's gonna give under this pressure and the cracks are already beginning to show. It's too late, the weekend career girl never boarded the plane.They said this could never happen again. So wrong, so wrong.This time it seems to be another misplaced rendezvous ;this time, it's looking like another misplaced rendezvous with you, the parallel of you, you. On the outskirts of nowhereon the ringroad to somewhereon the verge of indecision, I'll always take the roundabout way waiting on the rain.For I was born with a habit, from a sign. The habit of a windswept thumb and the sign of the rain. Rain on me. Start to rain, start to rain, start tot rain...

Wide boys, wide boys, wide boys, born with hearts of Lothian.Wide boys, we were wide boys, born with hearts of Lothian.Wide boys, we were wide boys, these hearts of Lothian.It's six o'clock in the tower blocks, stalagmites of culture shock. And the trippers of the light fantastic, bow down, hoe-down,spray their pheromones on this perfume uniform.And anarchy smiles in the Royal Mile and they're waiting on the slyboys, flyboys, wideboys,rooting, tooting cowboys, lucky little ladies at the watering holes.They'll score the Friday night goals.I was born with a heart of Lothian,I was born with a heart of Lothian, with a heart of LothianI was born with a heart of Lothian, with a heart of Lothian. And the man from the magazine  wants another shot of you all curled up,'Cos you look like an actor in a movie shot. But you're feeling like a wino in a parking lot. How did I get in here anyway? Do we really need a playback of the show?'Cos the wideboys want to head for the watering holes.Let's go.

And the man in the mirror has sad eyes.

( Lyrics : Bitter Suite, Heart of Lothian - Marillion )

Somewhere in the mirror, nowhere in the rain. Hearts, like watering holes.

Dec 5, 2015

I saw from the Cathedral you were watching me. Yes I saw from the Cathedral what I should be,so take my time and take my lies 'cos all the others they wanna take my life. And I watched with an intent basic, well it's the same for you. You've hurt your hand and it's all fine laced and what would you make me do? So take my time and take my lies 'cos all the others they wanna take my life. Serious for the winter time to wrench my soul ; whole cotton, whole cotton ears.But I know there must be, yes I know there must be, yes I know there must be a place to go. And you saw me from the Cathedral ,well I'm an ancient heart. Yes you saw me from the Cathedral and we are just falling apart. You catch me, I am tired, I want all that you are. And I saw from the Cathedral, you were leaving me.Yes I saw from the Cathedral, you could not see to see so take my time and take my lies 'cos all the others they wanna take my life.

( Lyrics : " Cathedral song ", Tanita Tikaram )

Fine laced, leaving heart.